VMD’s Cybersecurity Strategy solutions focus on helping customers assess risk; establish a security framework for implementing security controls to mitigate risks; employ proactive and reactive measures for managing and monitoring cybersecurity risks; secure their digital assets to protect against cybersecurity threats that can lead to data breaches as well as financial and reputational damage; ensure compliance; and continuously reflect the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Our solutions include:

Program Strategy & Governance (PS&G) Solutions
VMD’s PS&G solutions employ Agile methods to help customers establish a security program framework to meet the ever-changing threat landscape, manage security risks more effectively, reduce the likelihood of a security incident, and minimize the impact of any incidents that do occur. Our PS&G services include Agile security program transformation; maturity assessment and road mapping; governance and compliance; cybersecurity risk assessment; compliance, metrics, and reporting; and supply chain risk management.

Threat, Risk, & Metrics Management (TR&MM) Solutions
VMD’s TR&MM solutions leverage leading-edge methods and tools that allow customers to make data-driven decisions for their security programs by identifying emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits that may be used to compromise their security; assessing the potential impact of a security incident; identifying the likelihood of it occurring; and measuring the effectiveness of their security program and identifying areas for improvement. Our TR&MM solutions include threat modeling, risk quantification, and advanced data analytics and trend analysis.

Supply Chain Support Solutions
VMD’s Supply Chain Support solutions combine information technology (IT) asset management with data-driven supply chain analysis to help customers institute measures to safeguard the integrity of their supply chain operations. Our solutions protect data, infrastructure, and people from internal and external threats such as theft, fraud, cybersecurity-attacks, and/or unforeseen events; our methods identify potential risks, develop and implement security protocols, and continuously monitor supply chain operations for any breaches or anomalies.