Fairfax, VA – VMD Corp today announced that it has donated 1,000 pairs of socks to Women Giving Back, an organization that works to provide women in crisis with the clothing and supplies they need to get back on their feet. The donation, coordinated by a VMD employee working in homeland security screening at the Atlantic City airport (ACY), was made possible by the socially conscious performance sock company, Bombas. For every pair of socks sold, Bombas donates one pair to those in need.

“We are so proud to be able to make this donation, and to have had it coordinated by one of our employees,” VMD Chief Executive Officer Deepti Malhotra said. “Our work with Women Giving Back has been hugely impactful for our organization, and it’s great to see a colleague build on that work in such a big way.”

VMD employee Renee Zalot, based in Atlantic City, worked to secure the donation from Bombas.

“It’s fantastic to be able to find and work with partners who share our commitment to giving back,” Zalot said. “I had no idea that the folks at Bombas would come through like this, but I am so glad they did – we all are.”

VMD recently launched a company-wide partnership with Women Giving Back. As part of the partnership, team members from Rochester, NY, Portsmouth, NH, Atlantic City and Northern Virginia donated more than 1,170 shoes and sock items, more than 200 undergarments, 560 tops, more than 250 bottoms, more than 60 dresses, over 100 accessories, over 160 bath items and nearly 200 school supply items, in addition to a cash donation.

In Northern Virginia, near VMD headquarters, team members volunteered over a period of three-plus weeks at the Women Giving Back retail location, serving as greeters, shopping aides, cashiers and caregivers for shoppers’ children.

To learn more about Women Giving Back, visit https://womengivingback.org/.

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