VMD’s Cybersecurity Engineering solutions are integrated into our Agile Engineering engagements to accelerate the design, development, and implementation of secure systems and networks to protect them from unauthorized access, attacks, and other security threats. We provide technical acumen through a partnership between hands-on-the-keyboard cybersecurity engineers and analysts to deliver mission-critical solutions and ensure they are secure and protected against cybersecurity-attacks and threats. Our Cybersecurity Engineering solutions include:

Cloud Security Solutions
VMD Cloud Security solutions employ proven processes and technologies that help protect a customer’s applications hosted in cloud and containerized environments, while also securing their supporting data, application programming interfaces (APIs), and infrastructure against unauthorized access, data theft, and other cybersecurity threats. We blend data-driven analysis with continuous monitoring to help identify required controls and refactor configurations regardless of the cloud service or deployment model.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions
VMD’s PAM solutions use a set of practices and technologies to help customers control and continuously monitor access to protect privileged accounts and sensitive information, reducing the attack surface; minimizing the risk of data breaches, insider threats, and other security incidents; and enforcing security policies and regulatory compliance by controlling access to sensitive systems and data.

Secure Design & DevSecOps (SD&D) Solutions
VMD blends SD&D solutions with our Agile Engineering solutions to establish security as a primary consideration from the onset. We infuse this “shift-left” mindset and security practices and principles into our Agile development process to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities and design systems to minimize those risks, ultimately mitigating the risk of security breaches and data leaks, protecting sensitive information, and building trust with customers.