Important Claims Information

If you recently traveled through an airport where we provide passenger and baggage screening services and experienced problems while traveling, the following information is intended to provide guidance to you. If you have lost an item at the security checkpoint or have experienced a loss or damage to your property due to passenger and baggage screening, please refer to the information below for the proper claim support option.

Two Support Options


Submit a Lost & Found Report

If you think you’ve lost an item at a screening security checkpoint associated with VMD, please file a lost and found report.


Submit a Travel Claim

If you have experienced a loss or damage to your property and you feel this loss or damage was the direct result of a VMD employee, you may file a claim with VMD. If filing a claim with VMD, you must include proof of your loss or damage. If you feel the loss or damage was due to the air carrier, please file a claim directly with the air carrier.

How to Submit a Travel Claim

Instructions for Filing a Claim

If you feel that the damage or loss was due to the negligence of your airline, you should file a claim directly with them. Most air carriers have liability limitations for lost, damaged, or stolen items. If you feel VMD was responsible for your damage, loss, or injury, you must include proof of your loss as well as evidence of how it was caused. Please see the information below for how to submit a travel claim.

Our Claims Process

Please complete the CLAIM FOR DAMAGE, LOSS, INJURY OR DEATH form. Fill out the form completely and submit within 10 days of date of loss or damage. Attach documentation regarding your specific loss/ damage claim. When possible, this documentation should include:

Copy of receipts for original purchase

Attach any additional information supporting your claim

Photographs of damaged or lost items

A copy of the notice of baggage inspection if you received one

Receipts for repair and/or estimates for repair. (NOTE: A repair estimate MUST accompany all claims for damaged baggage)

Did you travel through one of our airports?

Kansas City International Airport (MCI), MO
Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC), NY

Did you travel through one of our partner airports?

Atlantic City International Airport (ACY), New Jersey
Great Falls International Airport (GTF), MT

Contact VMD

VMD Corp – Customer Service
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VMD Corp – Customer Service
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